Substance Abuse

The method of Auriculotherapy has been helping people with substance abuse issues since the 1950’s.  Neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Nogier discovered that acupuncture combined with electrical stimulation at four points on the ear could help relieve withdrawal symptoms for opioid addicts.  Further studies have boosted this discovery and found that acupuncture is not needed and that Auriculotherapy can be used alone to help with withdrawal symptoms for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Similar to how it helps with nicotine addiction, the Auriculotherapy can help adjust the body symptoms to reduce the addiction component and allow the patient to feel better adjusted without having to resort to the drugs they were addicted to.  It also helps boost their overall well- being, which can encourage them to avoid the drugs now and in the future, helping to make the recovery more successful in the long run.


Other health conditions can be impacted by Auriculotherapy as well. This type of treatment offers help for many of the body’s systems as well as a patient’s well-being.