Quit Vaping, Quit Juuling,
Quit E-Cigging, Quit Smoking!
Just Quit without Trying!
Let me show you how...

"Why fight disease when you can embrace health?"

What auriculotherapy does for smoking addiction is incredible. It eliminates all physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Dr. Nasso has an over 90% success rate with only one treatment and over two decades of experience. He has developed a “Quit for Life Program.”

Our Other Services

Substance Abuse

Auriculotherapy can be used alone to help with withdrawal symptoms for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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Weight Loss

Weight loss is often difficult because many people who need to lose weight have trouble controlling what they eat.

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Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety impact many people every day, with some suffering from severe stress or anxiety that impacts how they can live their life.

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Allergy Management

Many allergy sufferers have serious symptoms that can last for weeks or whole seasons.

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Pain Management

Many types of chronic pain are very difficult to control, even with medications.

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Similar to chronic pain, headaches, and migraines can impact millions of people and can cause an interruption in their ability to make it through the day without issues.

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A non-invasive form of acupuncture. No Needles!!

It utilizes a minor electrical impulse to stimulate acupuncture points in the outer ear. It is used for pain, addictions, and a host of many other dysfunctions. All systems of acupuncture began in China in 500 B.C. and gradually spread throughout the world. In 1957, Dr. Paul Nogier, a physician from France developed auriculotherapy. There are no side effects. Auriculotherapy and acupuncture generally are not recommended for patients with pace makers or defibrillators, although Dr. Nasso has developed alternative methods with equal success.