Similar to chronic pain, headaches, and migraines can impact millions of people and can cause an interruption in their ability to make it through the day without issues. Migraines can cause someone to miss a few days of work or home life because of the pain.  Auriculotherapy can help here as well, just like it does with chronic pain, by increasing the endorphins produced by the body and resetting the body’s signals to help reduce the amount of pain felt.  Those who go through Auriculotherapy can get help for chronic headaches and migraines, even if these would not typically respond to medications designed to prevent or eliminate them.

Auriculotherapy is a highly successful way of treating a variety of conditions, from smoking to health issues or chronic pain.  Those who want to take advantage of Auriculotherapy can speak with a practitioner now to make sure it will help with their issues and to learn more about exactly how it can help.  The amount of time it takes to see a difference can vary based on the patient and the issue they’re trying to solve, though they should see a difference within the first couple of days.  Get started with Auriculotherapy today to see what it can do to help boost your quality of life.