Around for thousands of years, Auriculotherapy is a western approach to acupuncture that specifically works with the ear to provide pain relief and other assistance to patients.  Along with helping to relieve chronic pain, it has been shown to help other chronic issues, smoking, substance abuse, weight loss, anxiety, allergies,  headaches, and more.

Auriculotherapy is a non-invasive form of ear acupuncture.  No side effects - doesn’t interfere with medicine or medical conditions. The premise is that the ear is connected to the rest of the body, so the different parts of the ear can have an impact on other parts of the body. Though this has existed for thousands of years, modern Auriculotherapy is based on the work of French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier.  He first proposed his ideas in 1957, and the field of Auriculotherapy has been studied and expanded from then.  The basis of Auriculotherapy is to stimulate the central nervous system via the nerves on the auricle or outside of the ear.  This stimulation impacts the nerve function of the body and helps begin the healing process.  Different body parts are impacted based on the exact part of the outer ear that is stimulated through Auriculotherapy.



Auriculotherapy works with the central nervous system, along with other parts of the body, and is impacted through stimulating small parts of the outer ear.  Auriculotherapy is used to help reset the bio-electrical signals in the body, helping to relieve pain and correct other issues within the body.  Certain spots on the ear will lead to different spots in the body, allowing the practitioner to adjust where they are stimulating the ear to have different impacts.  For instance, stimulating certain parts of the outer ear helps those who want to quit smoking, while other points will help those who suffer from chronic pain, or substance abuse.