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Not So Great News !
The economy is tough!
  • Do you realize the price of cigarettes will be $13.00 a pack by the end of this year
The Great News!
  • A group of math wizards figured out that by quiting today you will have $100,000.00 in ten years.
    Not to Shabby!

Think of what you can buy with that kind of money!
  1. Get a personal Trainer
  2. More vacation
  3. Brand New Car / Boat
  4. etc.

Call Today for a pain free 5 minute treatment and be Smoke Free Naturally!

......Auriculotherapy is a non-invasive form of acupuncture. No Needles!! It utilizes a minor electrical impulse to stimulate acupuncture points in the outer ear. It is used for pain, addictions, and a host of many other dysfunctions. All systems of acupuncture began in China in 500 B.C. and gradually spread throughout the world. In 1957, Dr. Paul Nogier, a physician from France developed auriculotherapy. There are no side effects. Auriculotherapy and acupuncture generally are not recommended for patients with pace makers or defibrillators, although Dr. Nasso has developed alternative methods with equal success.

What auriculotherapy does for smoking addiction is incredible. It eliminates all physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Dr. Nasso has an over 90% success rate with only one treatment and over twenty two years of experience. He has developed a “Quit for Life Program.”

Worried about weight gain? Just ask about appetite control !

Gift certificates in all denominations

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Group rates are available...Give someone you really care about the gift of health!

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